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International Disaster Response Teams

The Volunteer Minister Disaster Response Specialist Course is a short, simple course delivered in our traveling Volunteer Minister Cavalcade tents or on-site to organizations around the world. This training is effective, providing you with the following.

Get Trained as a Volunteer Minister

  • Real solutions in times of stress, danger or emergency
  • The know-how to study a subject, comprehend it and put it to immediate use
  • The ability to communicate, to listen and to understand, a skill at the heart of human relations
  • The way to help an individual suffering from an illness or physical difficulty, confusion or overwhelm
  • How to recognize suppression and overcome it
  • The skills to organize anything, even in the face of confusion or chaos
  • Techniques that existing relief agencies, emergency response teams and individuals can use to improve their ability to respond with speed and certainty in the face of any disaster

Additionally, individual courses are delivered on the following subjects:

We will train you or members of your organization on skills to use to improve survival. Click here to find out how you can get trained for the International Disaster Response Team!
or Call 1-800-HELP-4-U or contact us here.

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