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Scientology Volunteer Minister Courses

About Our Courses

The Scientology Volunteer Minister Program is something to DO, not something merely to believe. The tools in The Scientology Handbook, when applied, work. A Volunteer Minister trains in the technology so that he may better help others. The Volunteer Minister Course takes a person through The Scientology Handbook, training him or her in every tool. You become officially certified as a Volunteer Minister by doing the Volunteer Minister Course.

The Scientology Volunteer Minister Courses

Delivered in Churches and Missions, this is the course which trains a Volunteer Minister. One studies the entire Scientology Handbook and puts all the tools to practical use, learning 19 different sections of basic technology from helping children to helping someone find the right career or spiritually assisting to speed the recovery of a person devastated by illness or injury. At the end of the course you have the skills to deal effectively with ANY situation encountered in life. The practical exercises and drilling furnish the needed practical experience in the full range of these skills. Upon completion you receive certification as a Volunteer Minister. The skills you gain enable you to help in any aspect of life and under any circumstances, no matter how turbulent.

Who can do the courses? Anyone. Volunteer Minister training is open to people of all creeds. It is highly effective training.

Well over 300 volunteers were trained as part of the Ground Zero effort and learned skills they could put to use immediately. You can too.

The course takes two weeks to complete.

How to enroll:

Go to the Global Locator to locate the Church of Scientology nearest you, so you can enroll directly.

  • Course donation: $265.00 (includes course pack)
  • Required course materials: The Scientology Handbook

* Note : Shorter courses also exist for each of the individual handbook booklets. These train one to apply a specific piece of the handbook in only a few hours.

Training in the Scientology Volunteer Minister Program is extremely easy and rapidly learned. You can receive elementary training in only a few hours.

  • Beyond the donation for a single booklet and its course, the program is free of charge. No special equipment or preparations of any kind are required.
  • Enroll on a Student Volunteer Minister Course and learn how to increase your ability to help others.

Other Courses

In only a few hours anyone can learn basic skills and begin delivering real help to others. Nineteen courses cover the individual subjects of The Scientology Handbook, putting effective practical solutions into your hands. Many who know nothing at all about the Scientology Volunteer Minister Program have been trained in an afternoon and then went out and applied the technology with miraculous results.

These courses are an ideal introduction to our Volunteer Minister crusade to build a better world. Completion of a course certifies you as a Student Volunteer Minister.

In only a few hours you can learn how to bring lasting and effective help to others.

Here are details of some of the courses that are most relevant to today’s problems.

Courses exist for every one of the nineteen different booklets:

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