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The Technology of Study

The Technology of StudyThere is a way to rebuild education.

A real breakthrough has been made in one of the most important factors in living. Knowing how to study.

A simple practical technology—actual tools—of how to study and learn anything have been developed and you’ll find them in the booklet, The Technology of Study, by L. Ron Hubbard.

These tools have proven completely workable in schoolrooms, corporate boardrooms, research labs and home schools around the world.

Buy this simple booklet and read it. Use it. Change someone’s life as well as your own.

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The Technology of Study Testimonials & Results

“I recently ran into a guy who was on the verge of grief and I asked him what was wrong. He told me he was about to get fired, again, and that he didn’t know how he was going to support his wife and two small children. While talking with him I learned he was having trouble running a machine at his work, and that was why he was being fired. Something he said reminded me of a section I’d read in The Technology of Study booklet, so I asked him if he had studied the manual for the machine at his work. He said he’d started reading it, but didn’t finish. At that moment I knew what to do. I arranged to meet him at his job and using the technology from the booklet, I located the exact reason he was flubbing on the machine. When we found it, he lit up like a Christmas tree and was sure he would never have a problem with the machine again. A few weeks later he called me up. Not only did he salvage his job, but he was now the in-charge of his whole unit—running an entire team of people on the machine he was now an ’expert’ on!” M.A.

“As a teacher who deals with children every day, I treasure the Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard. My life and the lives of my students changed forever after I read The Technology of Study booklet. It had the answers to the sleeping children and out of control kids in my classes. Now they’re busy learning and loving every minute of it.” C.K.

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