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Targets and Goals

Targets and GoalsMake your dreams become reality.

How does one get things done? How does one make a dream a reality or carry a plan through to completion? Many of us seem to have unrealized goals or incomplete plans and many of us face tasks that appear overwhelming, even impossible to achieve. This is true not only of individuals, but of companies and even countries. History is filled with failed projects.

L. Ron Hubbard developed an enormous body of technology to ensure the success of any group and in doing so, provided a solution to the most common of failings: the lack of ability to execute plans.

Buy Targets and Goals and discover how to attain literally any goal, large or small. Plans can be carried through to fruition, but a number of vital steps must be taken, one after the other. You’ll learn what these steps are and how to apply them to anything—a personal ambition, a family, a group, a business and more. You’ll learn that your dreams can become real.

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Targets and Goals Testimonials & Results

An executive for personnel in the Los Angeles area had a major task to perform in order to build up a second unit for a film studio. Here is how she handled this:

“I was given a specific deadline to hire a large number of staff and professionals in a very short time period. At first, I didn’t really know how to go about getting this done within the time frame I had, or if I could get it done at all. I knew it was important to complete it within the amount of time I had. In fact, four people prior to me had attempted to achieve the same deadline that I had just been given.

“I worked with other employees; I tried to get them to achieve this over and over but I wasn’t getting anywhere. Finally, I realized that there must be some technology that I wasn’t applying. I looked to L. Ron Hubbard’s targeting technology. I then really figured out what exactly I had to do to get the product. I named who I wanted to hire and I wrote a program with the exact targets that I had to do in order to get all of these people actually arrived to work. I then met with every person, giving each one an exact project to execute so all of them would arrive within the required time.

“This worked. The whole team knew exactly what part of the product they were responsible for, how much time they had to get their part of the product produced and I got each step to hire each person done one by one and this made it possible for us to attain our goal!

“We achieved our major target! We got the whole program done within the needed amount of time. I couldn’t have done this without knowing and applying this technology.”

A lady, whose family and many of her friends were in another state, was still able to continue her relationships and help them by use of Targets and Goals:

“I set goals last year to accomplish certain things with my family. I decided what I wanted to do to help my parents and my friends. I set the major targets that we wanted to accomplish, then we set the other different types of targets and I went over this with them. We agreed we would do these things, small things or large, to help us get closer together.

“Now my son can read and is very proud of this. My husband has completed things in his life he has long planned to do and is doing much better as a result. My family is moving closer to where I live and we have had time together and helped each other despite the distance in the meanwhile. My friends are each doing better and I have helped them through support and other small things to really push those targets through that they had set for themselves. These small things add to and make my life full and keep me in balance.

“Sure, I target for production on the job and for business projects. But being able to help someone else to complete targets in their lives gives me a great feeling of knowing I helped. Knowing this technology, I can get things done on a long-distance line and accomplish targets that bring my family closer together”

Another executive had this to say:

“Anyone trying to get anything done in this world is going to run aground unless he knows and uses Mr. Hubbard’s technology on target types and programs. It is based on natural laws. It is how one gets something accomplished. It will help spot and handle the potential pitfalls before one is stopped by them. It points out the things that, if not maintained throughout executing the construction plan, would snarl up the whole plan. Anything can be done using this technology. Literally anything!”

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