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The Cause of Suppression

You don’t have to live with stress.

A truly life-changing discovery has been made. A way to step off the roller coaster and spot the source of chaos in your life has been found. The millions living with stress no longer have to be so ill, so unhappy, so suppressed by a menace they can neither see nor do anything about.

This discovery is in The Cause of Suppression, a booklet by L. Ron Hubbard. With this tool you can quite literally build a new life—even save a life.

Help create a real future and live life in the sun again.

Buy this booklet and use the life-changing data it contains in your life and the lives of those you love.

The Cause of Suppression Testimonials & Results

“My stepmother had been an alcoholic and had been under treatment by psychologists and psychiatrists for years, trying to handle this condition. Their ’handling’ was to give her drugs and tell her what to think and do in life. As a result, her outlook on life had been bleak and very negative. I finally discovered the technology about suppressive persons. I found out who had been suppressing my stepmother and I learned how to help her. Today she doesn’t drink at all, is completely cheerful—we get along great! After all these years, I am extremely proud that we have a happy future.” T.G.

“This book gave me a reality adjustment. I thought getting sick and having accidents were just ’a part of life.’ So it was only normal that they always happened to me. After reading The Cause of Suppression booklet, I now know that this is completely false. I don’t have to live this way. There is a reason for my constant illness and mistakes. When I spotted why this was I almost jumped out of my socks. It was incredible. It was also so obvious, but without this booklet I would have never known.” E.K.

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