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Integrity and Honesty

Integrity and HonestyRestore integrity and zest for life.

What causes people to withdraw from participation in life? A carefree child grows reserved and wary as a teenager. A successful career woman who leaves one personal relationship after the other suffers from lack of self-esteem. A retired man looks back at his life with regret over the choices he made.

There is a reason for these all-too-common scenarios. They don’t just happen, nor are they subject to fate. L. Ron Hubbard developed a precise way for you to help individuals regain their feelings of honesty and self-worth. Broken dreams and regret about the past do not have to continue to pull people away from involvement in the present.

There is an actual mechanism which makes people withdraw from relationships, from families, groups and, indeed, their dreams. And such situations can be remedied.

Buy Integrity and Honesty and discover how you can help others regain their integrity—and their zest for life. It is a new view of an old problem, and what it means is that you no longer need to sit on the sidelines and helplessly observe the anguish of others. Instead, you will have in your hands tools which thoroughly resolve such misery.

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Integrity and Honesty Testimonials & Results

Having immigrated to Sweden with his family, a young man was thoroughly upset about how badly life had been treating him. He was miserable and nothing seemed to change this.

“I have always blamed others for why I was doing so badly—my mother, my father, even my girlfriend, my friends, my new country, the fact that I am a foreigner—but it never occurred to me before that I am the reason I have felt so bad. It was really because of all these things I did that I carried around inside me. No wonder I have been doing so badly and why others do so badly! I feel 100 kilograms lighter!”

“I have a physical problem that has not improved for the better part of a year. Yesterday my physical therapist told me there was a marked improvement in muscle tone and in my overall health. I know it is because I am taking responsibility for my own condition. This technology is saving my life.”

“My parents always taught me that ’honesty was the best policy.’ Sounds fair enough, but during the younger part of my life this ’policy’ had many loopholes. In other words, wherever it suited my needs, I could bend the rules. After years of this way of life I am sure of one thing; I am a miserable person. This was my punishment for what I had done. It was going to be that way till I died. Or so I thought. But using the procedures in the booklet Integrity and Honesty, I have gained a new lease on life. To be honest, there is a bit of work involved, a bit of facing the past, but it is nothing compared to the relief and pleasure of just being alive I experienced from applying the procedures. I am a new person.”

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