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How to Resolve Conflicts

How to Resolve ConflictsYou can resolve any conflict.

What is the underlying reason behind any conflict or quarrel? How do fights between people start? What has been the real cause of man’s wars since the beginning of time?

The truth of the matter is, man is rather peaceful. But he can be driven, individually and collectively, to antagonism, hatred and even violence. Something else is going on here. And until recently had been totally unsuspected by thinkers of every age.

Discover this breakthrough of magnitude in the booklet, How to Resolve Conflicts by L. Ron Hubbard.

Learn the easy-to-apply method of resolving conflicts between individuals, families, workplaces, towns and even countries. Peace and harmony for man can be more than just a dream.

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How to Resolve Conflicts Testimonials & Results

“I use the data in L. Ron Hubbard’s How to Resolve Conflicts almost every day. It is like magic in resolving conflicts and is one of the most effective tools I have ever found to bring peace and harmony among different groups. L. Ron Hubbard is truly a great man and I say this for a special reason. It is because he has given us wisdom, and not kept it himself.” –S.O.

“After two days of investigating a conflict with my partner that had lasted ten months, it finally came to an end and we are now friends again. This was the most incredible phenomenon we have seen. After the investigation was complete, we were able to reach agreement on issues where none had been possible before. This technology worked like magic.” –D.V.

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