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The Emotional Tone Scale

The Emotional Tone ScaleYou can predict other people’s behavior.

You are living life and things don’t always go the way you had predicted. You may have a spouse and he is not as you had imagined, so what do you do? You now have no way out. How can you prevent this? You are in business and the deal just fell through. How can you predict what is going to happen in the future? How do you know who to trust?

Life and relationships can sometimes be fragile. You can improve your relationships and know who to associate with.

Buy and use The Emotional Tone Scale booklet so you can be cause over other people’s behavior and your own future.

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The Emotional Tone Scale Testimonials & Results

“I had a lot of good friends but no prospects for a boyfriend. A new guy joined our group of friends. We got in communication shortly after he joined the group and I realized that we had almost identical communication levels. He seemed like a very nice guy. I would mention that something needed to get handled and I would turn around and he would be busy handling it. He would say that we needed rolls for dinner and I was already on my way to the bakery. I would mention something and he would let me know that he just thought of this. We matched perfectly on the Tone Scale. I looked at this and was laughing to myself, as he was in no way the type of guy I would have looked for. Previously, I had always looked at appearance only which led to a hit-and-miss experience. This guy, however, was a real match and within weeks we decided to get married and did.”

“I had heard about the emotional Tone Scale before, but I had no idea really how to use it. And I realized that ’bad’ salesmen don’t have this data, so no wonder they are annoying! Using the technology, I can now go in at the right tone level and make my sales boom!”

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