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The Components of Understanding

The Components of UnderstandingWhat constitutes understanding? Know the answer to that and you have the secret to handling life itself. In the booklet, The Components of Understanding, you’ll learn about the magic triangle which makes or breaks life; how to heal a breach in a relationship, and exactly how to prevent that breach; how to avoid conflicts; how to make new friends; how to repair a friendship that seems beyond hope. Read it and know how to understand people and situations. And THAT opens the door to helping people FOR REAL.

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The Components of Understanding Testimonials & Results

A court reporter in Los Angeles was having tremendous difficulty getting along with her parents. She had upset them and, consequently, could no longer face them and had stopped communicating with them. Her father sent letters which expressed upset with her and which, in turn, upset her immensely since she loved and respected her parents. A friend came along about this time and showed her L. Ron Hubbard’s materials on Affinity, Reality & Communication to help her with this situation. Here is what came to pass:

“My parents and I had become more and more estranged. This data from Mr. Hubbard showed me exactly what was wrong and gave me a very easy-to-apply solution. I was able to communicate with my parents without upsetting them by establishing reality with them. After that, my dad wrote to me and for the first time ever in my life, said, ‘I love you.’ I could have died of happiness. Applying this data not only restored our relationship, it made it warmer than it had ever been.”

The zing had gone out of the marriage of a couple with five children. A friend of theirs listened to the wife complaining that they no longer had anything in common and were drifting apart. She decided to do something to help both the children and the couple.

“To do something about this, I told my friend about the ARC triangle, and went over all the parts of it with her. She realized that she and her husband were not in communication and had no common reality anymore. She was involved with raising her five children, while he was involved with work. It was quite different from when they courted as teenagers.

“So we worked out a solution. They went out, just the two of them. She used the tools of the ARC triangle to get in communication with her husband about points of common reality which started with a movie that they had seen together. From that point, they got into further communication with one another and the marriage improved and continued to improve. It was really great to be able to use such a basic and simple tool to keep a family with five children together.”

In Los Angeles, a young woman had a troubled relationship with her brother. Since childhood they had always picked on each other, clashing constantly. Her brother had become involved with hard drugs and grew more and more critical of others. The woman, after learning some of the fundamental principles about affinity, reality and communication in Scientology, decided to handle this relationship and his criticism of her and life in general. She applied her new skills and got into communication with him.

“I applied what I had learned about communication and found the exact thing ruining his life. He had been one of the most promising athletes in his high-school years, but had failed to follow through on his goals. He told me that he wanted to have things to strive for in life and that he wanted to achieve them. He realized when talking to me that the abandonment of his goals had probably led him into doing drugs in the first place. After that, my brother handled his drug problem and began to take even more positive actions to improve his life. He previously had gone from one relationship to another for years, but after that, he actually settled down and got married. Our relationship improved from that point and he now respects me for what I do.”

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