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Basics of Organizing

Basics of OrganizingYou don’t have to live with stress.

Are you organized for success?

Building a better world, business, family and even a better life—the kind you’ve always dreamed of—is entirely dependent upon your ability to organize. It’s very easy to learn.

Get the basic principles you can use to flourish and prosper in the Basics of Organizing booklet, by L. Ron Hubbard.

Learn discoveries in the field of personal and group organization never before known to man.

Gain an understanding of fundamentals so powerful that applying any one of them can be the difference between “not surviving” and “spectacular success.”

Chaos and confusion are not natural conditions of life. They only exist when natural laws are not understood and followed. Put order into the environment. Buy and use the Basics of Organizing and bring sanity, stability and viability to any group, business or activity.

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Basics of Organizing Testimonials & Results

As the president of an environmental company in Burbank, California, a man has used L Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology for the entire twelve years the company has been operating.

“We have grown from one small office with an individual founder to a 26,000- square-foot corporate headquarters with two hundred staff and ten offices throughout California. Our company has been listed for three years in a row in the top five hundred fastest growing private corporations in the United States. This is a direct result of L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology on organizing boards and other subjects, all designed to get results. After majoring in business at Illinois University, I knew very little about the actual operation of a company. I can attribute the success of this company to the use of Mr. Hubbard’s technology and to that alone.”

A young sailor had the goal to work in the music industry. He worked on this but didn’t really get anywhere until he became familiar with Mr. Hubbard’s technology on organizing boards:

“I had been dealing with professional music all my life before I became a sailor and wanted to go back to work with music. I really tried to make it happen, but this had been going on for the better part of five years with no result. Then I learned about Mr. Hubbard’s technology concerning org boards and started applying specifically the data on Divisions 4 and 6. I suddenly found my skills in demand. Less than a month after beginning to apply this data, I was approached by a personnel director from a music company who wanted me to start working in a very advanced music studio. While waiting to get started, I got into production as a music composer and continued my personal promotion. I was hired and am now where I want to be. The turning point for all this was, without doubt, the application of the technology about org boards. Doing this made everything fall into place.”

An executive in Washington, DC was put in charge of a major operation and luckily knew Mr. Hubbard’s technology about organizing. She applied it and got the following result:

“By using L. Ron Hubbard’s technology on organizing I was able to get a unit of twenty-five people organized up with lines and terminals and getting out products on a twenty-four-hour basis. (This was an unusual situation where the night crew had to prepare materials throughout the night and have them ready to go for the day crew each morning by 7 A.M) I used the exact data on organizing, followed it to the letter and drilled the crew on everything. It took me a day or two to prepare the drilling but once it was applied, the whole thing worked like magic. The drilled crew was there, knew exactly what to do, what their other team members were doing, and it went off like clockwork.”

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