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Results & Recognitions

In Praise of Real Solutions

"You all were the cavalry. It was like wagon trains being surrounded by the Indians with no hope. Then you hear that horn from the cavalry and you guys came in. Then all of our despair disappeared because of your presence, your actions, your smiles."

— D/Chief Commander Field Operations, New Orleans

"You made their lives better, simply because you understand who they are and what they need. And you don't wait for marching orders. You know your profession and you've made a difference."

— Mayor of Baton Rouge

"I saw the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers conducting extensive community help ... and I thank them for this. Your work demonstrates that 'something can be done about it' and you are doing a marvelous job."

— Mohamed Al Fayed, of Harrods

"People just needed to talk. And I have yet to see a Scientology Volunteer walk away from someone who wanted to talk. That's invaluable. You can't replace that with any program."

— Mass Care In-Charge
Emergency Operations Center

"In a crisis such as we had at that time, it was a wonderful thing to suddenly see almost as if it was spontaneous, people like the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, appearing as if out of nowhere. There they were to plug the gap and they did it very nobly, did it very well."

— Executive, College of Arms, England

"The Scientology Volunteers just showed up at our doorstep. And thank goodness they did. They said who they were, what they knew and what they could do. They helped us out tremendously."

— Homeland Security Specialist

"They give that human touch wherever it's needed, whenever it's needed. And that in itself is a powerful testimony to their work and the work of L. Ron Hubbard."

— Police Association Executive, London

"I saw the Volunteer Ministers providing solutions to every problem that people were walking in with. Whether physical, whether mental, any operational problem people had, they had a solution."

— Company Executive, India

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