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Repairing a Country

Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia, May - August 2006

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A series of disasters occurred on the island of Java between May and July 2006. The devastation began with an earthquake, registering 6.2 on the Richter Scale, just off the coast near Yogyakarta. Volunteer Ministers arrived from Australia and started working with local authorities, hospital staffs, the police and military to bring order and get help to those in need. As they moved through temporary hospital installations, the Volunteer Ministers taught doctors, nurses and relatives of the injured how to do assists, so that soon there were hundreds more able to help. Then came seminars and hands-on demonstrations to those who wanted to help, beginning with Prince Gusti Yudo and his immediate royal family, and moving into schools, universities, the health department and local groups.

On June 15th Mount Merapi, an active volcano close to Yogyakarta, erupted, spewing lava down the mountain. The efforts of the Volunteer Ministers continued, now assisted by the thousands newly trained in disaster relief technology. And when on 17 July an earthquake and a tsunami destroyed a nearby coast, Volunteer Ministers were again on-site, bringing order, delivering assists to the injured and the traumatized. Working with the Education authorities, the Volunteer Ministers continued to train more and more people in hugely demanded assists, which were promoted throughout the district with this letter:

"The Education Department of Yogyakarta City, joined with the International Scientology Assist Team, will arrange workshops to relieve the trauma that happened with children and the society of Yogyakarta after the earthquake. This activity is free. We need your help to organize the audience, teachers, employers and students."

By the end of August 2006 the Volunteer Ministers had armed more than 10,000 Indonesians with technology to do something about it. One thankful health official had this to say:

"We are thankful that you have come and are sharing your experience and trauma-relief program with us. Usually the first thing we do to handle traumatized people is give them drugs; now I know there is another way of helping them without the drugs, which is with the touch and care that I learned from the International Scientology Assist Team."

Mrs. Siti Nurjaenab,
Bantul Health Department Head

Scientology Volunteer Ministers at Ground Zero
Volunteer Ministers assisted officials on all aspects of relief operations at Yogyakarta.

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