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Scientology Volunteer Ministers - A Global Force

Rehabilitating Whole Communities

Mississippi, August 2005

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Winds up to 140 miles an hour devastated areas of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, all but destroying New Orleans and wiping out whole towns along the coast. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers were the first volunteers to arrive and soon there were almost 1,000 on the job — assisting the injured, the distraught, and the exhausted rescue workers. With the immediate danger over, they worked in the area for weeks delivering seminars and workshops in shelters, helping people to restore their homes, doing whatever was needed, wherever it was needed, to bring stability to the communities that had been destroyed.

"Our state of Louisiana has been dealt heavy blows by both the Katrina and Rita hurricanes. What I saw the Volunteer Ministers accomplish was tremendous. The shelters were well-organized, upbeat, no discipline problems. People were cared for physically, mentally and spiritually.

"The Scientology Ministers were right there on day one of Rita. And once again they rose to the occasion, handling every need 24/7 with compassion and certainty.

"All of us in Vermillion Parish now know that when a 'Yellow Shirt' arrives here to help we can count on them to bring control and understanding to a situation. And we now all know that no matter what happens SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!"

Nick Gautreaux
State Senator Louisiana
18 October, 2005

Scientology Volunteer Ministers with the 82nd Airborne in Louisiana Scientology Volunteer Ministers dispensing needed medical supplies at Katrina
The 82nd Airborne Regiment awarded the Volunteer
Ministers a special medal in appreciation of the help
they gave during the Katrina and Rita hurricane
crises .
The first medical teams on the scene in New Orleans
were Scientology Volunteer doctors and nurses,
delivering urgently needed tetanus shots to rescue

Scientology Volunteer Ministers at Ground Zero
Volunteer Ministers delivered much needed supplies to the Katrina survivors.

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