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Mr. David Miscavige Describes the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Program

In August 2004 at the 35th Anniversary of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International, Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center, presented a global overview of the Scientology religion, which featured this description of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers:

"They have become internationally known and recognized for what has been described as spiritual first aid, and to that end they are ready and organized to respond to any disaster — 'man-made' or by force of nature.

"Most notable, of course, were our Volunteer Ministers at Ground Zero, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

"Everything — from logistical work on the bucket lines, to caring for the rescue workers so deeply affected in the aftermath, our Volunteer Ministers were there for the duration. As for the help they provided, they were the only civilian group invited to participate in the Police Service, in memory of rescue efforts on the one-year anniversary of September 11th.

"But, what matters to us is the help we bring, and it is literally the same story in countries across the world.

"In Hungary and the Czech Republic — when floods brought whole communities to a standstill, our Volunteer Ministers were there both working to repair the levies, and to succor those who had lost their homes and possessions.

"Then again in Moscow, when terrorists struck at a popular opera house, the local media alerted citizens that the Volunteer Ministers were on hand to provide comfort to the traumatized.

"When bushfires raged in Australia, there again were the Volunteer Ministers, bringing relief to exhausted firefighters, working double and triple-shifts, to ultimately contain those fires.

"And so it goes — any time, any place, no matter the circumstance: from Washington DC, and San Diego, to Venezuela, the Congo, and Taiwan — the list just goes on.

"And that's why you see our Volunteer Ministers certified as part of the Los Angeles Community Emergency Response Team alongside the Sheriff's and Police Department.

"They're recognized as a partner by the Philippines National Red Cross, and, appointed an official Civil Defense Force by the Italian Federal Government.

"While beyond even all that — there's our Volunteer Minister Cavalcades constantly visiting new communities to offer their help with everything from marital difficulties, to tutoring for children, to providing a willing ear for the lonely, and all else to help with the myriad of life's problems.

"And it's all with no desire or wish for anything in return — other than the satisfaction of an indiscriminate act of kindness and compassion.

"That's how, and why, just since 9/11, our Ministers brought personal aid, one-on-one, to over 1.7-million people.

"So when it comes to helping those in most desperate need, we not only know we can help, we are doing something about it."

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