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Overcoming Suppression

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A person who is stressed or ill is under suppression in one or more areas or aspects of life. The ability to recognize where such suppression is coming from, and then deal with it, is therefore vital for survival and success. Volunteer Ministers deliver seminars and workshops regarding this, with remarkable results to people from all walks of life including: law enforcement personnel, government officials, doctors, nurses, human resources personnel and executives. The truth is, everyone needs this knowledge in order to flourish and prosper in life.

"Police officers are always under stress: stress from the government, the public, stress because you don't have time to spend with your children, stress from the problems you can't solve on the job and stress from dealing with criminals. And with stress there is often illness. The Volunteer Ministers have the answers for this. They know what lies behind it — what causes stress. Knowing about suppression and how to deal with it and help others deal with it also, is valuable. In fact, you have to know this technology when you deal with criminals. As a member of the police force I thank you for helping us. We believe in your values and we want the tools you have to help those who are in need."

Assistant Commissioner of Police New Delhi, India

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